Summer Time! Staying on Track

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School's out and summer is here, hooray! Homework may be the last thing kids want to think about over their summer vacation. However, it's fairly common for most kids to have assignments over the summer break.

Schools (and sometimes parents) assign schoolwork to reinforce what kids have learned during the school year. Younger kids may be expected by their school to read consistently over the break. Older kids, especially those in high school, may have more difficult assignments. Most kids tend to have a variety of enrichment activities happening during the summer such as camps, community service projects or family trips. 

With so much going on and the daily routine changing, it can be tough for families and kids to stay on top of everything. Summer reading logs and planners can help.

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A reading log keeps track of each time your child reads or is read to. It’s a great structural tool to keep your child reading over the summer. Sometimes, including small a reward can be a great motivator to get your child reading. Check out my reading log template here, that can be used for younger and older kids. 

A summer planner can also help keep track of your child’s many different activities and assignments. A planner can be a daily schedule to help your child stay organized and shift to different tasks throughout the day. Or, it can also be a weekly schedule, which can assist your child in looking ahead to activities or projects that are coming up. 

Incorporating tools such as a reading log and/or planner can help your kids sustain a little bit of structure and continue good habits, while still enjoying their well deserved summer break. 

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Every student has a different learning style. For an individualized plan customized to your child's needs, please contact Dana Aussenberg at or email