A New School Year is Here - Feel Confident!

confident kid.jpg

Summertime is often a much needed break from the school year and all it brings; homework, extra-curricular activities and packed schedules. So, when it's time for kids to head back to school in September, they may feel anxious. You may not be able to relieve all of your child's anxiety, but there are ways to help reduce this stress and build confidence heading into those first few weeks of school. Read on to check out these helpful tips. 

1. Difficulty with organization can begin to have a real impact on learning and on everyday living. Here are a few easy ways your child can get ready for school.

  • Help sort and organize a “junk drawer.”
  • Clean out and organize an old or new backpack.
  • Help set up a homework station and stock it with needed supplies.

2. Explain how school will help support your child. If your child has an IEP or a 504 Plan, explain how these accommodations work to support him or her at school. For example, you can say "You will have some extra time to complete your exams and can take your exam in a quieter work space".

3. Make sure your child knows that there are plenty of people at school he can go to for support. Having a "go-to" person at school, such as a school counselor or specific teacher can be helpful. Ideally, meeting with this person at the beginning of the school year is a great way to create trust, confidence and remind your child that they have a support system in place.

4. Brainstorm Strategies. Work together to come up with strategies for issues that your child is worried about with a new school year underway. For example, if she is self-conscious about her learning accommodations, brainstorm ways she can explain this to her classmates: “It's tough for me to process information sometimes, and I’m still working on some areas that are hard for me.”

Here's to a bright and successful school year!


Every student has a different learning style. For an individualized plan customized to your child's needs, please contact Dana Aussenberg at danaaussenberg.com or email dana@danaaussenberg.com.